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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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good afternoon i'm gasia mikaelian and we will begin in san francisco where a fight in the campus of city college has resulted in a large police response. according to the college's twitter account, a fight broke out between two students. officers responded and the ocean campus rosenberg library was evacuated but the library has since reopened. the college tweeted out to reiterate that reports of an active shooter on campus are false. again it was just a fight between students and it seems to have been resolved. down south where police believe newly released surveillance images will lead to a driver that is is responsible for killing a
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pedestrian this morning. >> reporter: gasia, police retrieved those images from a mexican bakery many this plaza. the suspect went that bakery, drove out of this plaza, made a left turn and hit a pedestrian right where these homes are just a few feet away. we want to show you a picture of the driver police are look for. he is described to be in his mid 20s. this is his picture. he was driving a full size raised white ford pickup truck with tinted windows, brass rims, and a loud exhaust. all of this happened around 7:00 this morning. the victim who was an adult male was walk near the sidewalk. the suspects truck was heading northbound when he hit the pedestrian he took off. jumping a curb and heading west on florence avenue.
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the victims body was thrown 50 feet. he was pronounced dead a short time later. we spoke to one mother who says she doesn't feel safe walking her children in this neighborhood. >> there is no lightbulbs or speed bumps in place, no speed limits posted on the street and . >> reporter: again we want you to take a look at these pictures of this suspect and his car. we'll also post these pictures on our website on anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police and as of right now the identity of the pedestrian who was hit has not yet been released. gasia. >> very sad. but as i look behind you, it appears the road is open, the traffic is flowing normally so the police part of the investigation behind you has wrapped up; right? >> yes. it wrapped up literally just minutes before noon and right now we do have some police officers inside that mexican
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bakery talking to witnesses, collecting some evidence, gathering fingerprints and that is the latest here from the scene. but yes this road is now open. >> the sight of major rack delays this morning. thank you. happening right now san francisco china town association leader raymond chow is in court for a status conference. prosecutors trying to link him to the murders of a businessman and associate. this could be part of the investigation in racketeering charges. chow's attorneys deny he had any involvement in the two killings. just over an hour the three former santa clara jail correctional officers charged with the murder of an inmate are due back in court. they are set for plea hearings. they were arrested last month on charges they beat inmate michael tyree to death. they have each posted $1.5
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million bail. the three people accused of killing two people in the bay area are set to make their first court appearance tomorrow morning in marin county. a caravan of sheriffs vehicles brought the three back from oregon last night. we have highlighted the suspects for you as deputies escorted them into a county jail in san rafael. lampley, angold, and alligood are accused of killing a backpacker and a hiker on a trail in fairfax. marin county will prosecute both cases even though one of the shootings happened in san francisco. >> the connection between what happened in san francisco and then what happens here in marin is extremely important. >> legal analysts tell us marin county is more likely to seek the death penalty than san francisco. the three suspects also face charges of robbery, vehicle theft, and animal cruelty because they are accused of shooting the hikers dog as
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well. uc berkeley officials are defending the way they handles a sexual harassment claim against a prominent professor. allegations surfaced he kissed, groped, and massaged four women dating back to 2001. some believe uc berkeley is going easy on marcy and many are calling for the professor to be fired. he made a statement. while i don't agree with the complaint -- i take full responsibility and hold myself completely accountable for my actions and the impact they had. cal fire says a wild fire burning out of control south of hollister has grown to 300 acres. it started yesterday afternoon. it's burning in san be knee toe county.
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cal fire tweeted a photo of the fire here burning in rugged remote terrain. right now crews say no structures are threatened. the agency says two helicopters are fighting the fire. crews say the cause is under investigation. temperatures really heating up around the bay area today. let's go straight to rosemary orozco with just how warm and even hot it's expected to get. >> i expect today will be the hottest day and around the bay area temperatures are already a few degrees warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. we will start where it is actually nice and mild. areas like half-moon bay 73. 76 in san francisco. so that is a warm day there. inside the bay notice 70s and low 80s stretching from oakland down to hayward. san jose checking in at 84. and where it's really warm in areas like livermore 90 degrees. walnut creek 88. and we will shift inland and take a look at a few more warmer temperatures. pittsburgh 87. 87 in areas right around danville. and low top mid 80s in lafayette as well as areas in
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moraga. as we get into the second half of the day, temperatures will continue to climb. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change and where we are several degrees warmer in oakland, hayward, mountain view. livermore yesterday 88 at this time. right now sitting at 90. and over portions of the the north bay four degrees warmer from santa rosa stretching to napa. temperatures today gets to the 90s. 70s at the coast. but this is going to be it. i'll have a look at your afternoon highs coming up in a moment and then a big switch coming in our weather pattern. perhaps even a little bit of rain. more on that in a little while. a major intersection in berkeley is shut down while crews fight a house fire. crews say it was a two alarm fire. it started about 10:30 this morning. anureses debit saw the fire and told other tenants to get out quickly. two people suffered smoke inhalation. now to new developments surrounding layoffs at twitter.
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today the ceo jack dorsey announced they plan to lay off 336 employees nationwide. in an e-mail to the staff he says the company is restructuring and that each person would receive a generous exit package and help finding a new job. the layoffs comes as twitter stock is down almost 20% this year alone but this afternoon twitter stock is up just about 2%. democratic candidates will square off tonight for the presidential campaign. peter dew city has an over view where they sit in the polls. >> reporter: hillary clinton making a surprise visit to a culinary workers union protest outside of trump international hotel in las vegas on monday. >> and you have to say no to efforts to prevent you from organizing. >> reporter: clinton is in town for the first democratic presidential debate of the campaign season. the most recent fox news poll
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says she is still the front runner receiving 45% of the vote. disconcerting for the clinton team is the 16 points she has lost. >> is not just a gradual erosion. this is a pretty steep drop. i think it's best explained by her loss, the loss of confidence in hillary clinton among independence and republicans. >> reporter: some say one of the major issues is her flip- flopping on major issues. >> every major issue she has shifted and it's why the base of the democratic party they kind of like her but they do not love her. >> reporter: in fact it's vice president joe biden who would have the best chance in beating a republican candidate according to the new numbers. yet to announce his candidacy if the election was held today, biden beats republican front runner donald trump. republican presidential candidate donald trump has said the debate will be boring so he will be live tweeting during
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the event as a request of many. peter ducey fox news. statements by police will be allowed as evidence in the freddy gray case. all six officers appeared in court this morning. the charges range from assault to second degree murder. gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while being transported in a police van back in april. he was handcuffed and shackled by his feet and unrestrained inside. the officers gave their statements under duress and were not properly told their rights. malaysia airlines flight 317 was brought down by a surface to air missile. the report says the missile strike in july of 2014 came from territory held by russian backed rebels in in eastern
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ukraine. the blast was so strong it tore the clothes off those on board. all 298 people on board were killed. >> none of the aviation part involved recognize the risk by the armed conflict on the ground. >> russia denies involvement in the missile strike and called the investigation flawed. a criminal information is under way. police are investigating the possible connection between an apparent suicide and sexual assault. who police say may have jumped to their deaths after the alleged attack. >> have you noticed something a little different in your tap water? what water officials in the east bay say is behind that different smell and different taste you have noticed.
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san francisco police are investigating possible connections between the assault on a hotel maid and a guest whole reportedly jumped to his death. this happened on sunday at the marriott marquis hotel during a medical convention. investigators say a 26-year-old man who worked for one of the medical groups apparently committed suicide by jumping from the roof. later that day hotel staff found the maid had been choked and sexually assaulted in the penthouse room where that man
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had been staying. >> she is under care and supervision of doctors right now. spoken with the family they are reporting a strong face on this. we are hopeful she will make a full recovery. >> the man who reportedly jumped was a medical educator from new york who want odd be a doctor. his boss says he didn't know of any instability or history of violence. now to the south bay where the santa clara county sheriffs department is not investigating the discovery of a human skull. hiker found it up in the santa cruz mountains near an area known as rattlesnake curve. they have received a call about it yesterday morning. >> well, it's comfort -- well it's discomforting. it's sad to hear. >> an e-mail was sent to the people that live in the area. we learn new details about the washington post report fresh marin county who is jailed in iran. but it's not clear which of the
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four charges he faced including espionage he's been convicted of. allie rasmus spoke to the the mother of jason rezaian about what is next. >> reporter: ali rezaian says his brother jason has been a lifelong a's and warriors fan he grew up in marin. him and his wife moved to iran in 2008 to work as news reporters. he was working for the washington post when he was detaped by the iranian government on espionage charges. rezaian's brother says the past 14 months has been extremely difficult. his brother spent most of that time isolated. he says he's lost about 50 pounds since he's been in prison. and he says it's been extremely difficult to get much information about his brothers case. in fact, he says the family learned about the verdict from a news conference and news of that verdict came as a surprise even to rezaian's attorney in iran. >> i think it has been
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misreported that jason was convicted of a specific thing. we have no idea what charges if any he was convicted on. we know there is no verdict. there is some that have translated that into being convicted. we don't know what of the charges they are claiming there is a verdict in. >> reporter: whatever the verdict against him is rezaian has 20 days to appeal it. his brother says the family be more optistic once they can move this case to an appeals court. iran president has suggested the idea of a prisoner swap or exchange. his brother says he thinks it's unfair or absurd to tie jason's freed to something he has nothing to do with but his brother says at the same time he wants jason out of prison and says if the prisoner swap is what it takes to happen, he is okay with it. allie rasmus ktvu fox 2 news. antioch teenager is facing weapons related charges after she shot herself in the hand.
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she found the gun last wednesday in a middle school restroom. police say she put the pistol in her backpack and took it home to show her grandmother and that is when the gun went off. she was treated for her wound and booked into juvenile hall. police are trying to figure out who owns the gun and how it ended up at school. sam liccardo helped launch a wireless system one that notifies parent it is if they accidentally leave their children in the car. it was created by a woman from san jose. it's made up of a bear shaped sensor pad that goes underneath the car seat and a second attachment goes on the side. a lot of customers in the east bay are noticing a difference in their tap water. people who live along the 680 corridor says the water tastes and smells kind of funny. east bay mud says due to the drought, it's using alternate water supplies but they also reiterate the water is safe to
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drink. >> sometimes it's just the result of the water being a different source so it has a different chemical makeup. sometimes it tastes different because with the warm weather we've been having. [ technical difficulties ] back now to rosemary orozco and these temperatures in the 90s in some parts. >> yeah it's the summer that just won't quit. another hot one especially for our inland cities today. 90-degrees in livermore. around the bay warm but still comfortable and giving you a live look there at mostly clear skies around the bay area. our inland communities even along the coastline this afternoon where it is a beautiful 72 degrees at half- moon bay. 76 right now in downtown san francisco. around the bay low 70s sfo. low 80s mountain view and down
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into the south bay we have 84 degrees right now. to the north bay we have temperatures in the low to mid 80s in areas like santa rosa and areas in napa. and if we go into areas along the peninsula, we have temperatures in the low 80s. san mateo, belmont 90 degrees in wood side. 81 outside your door. temperatures will warm 5-10 degrees before we get all said and done. winds right now generally light out there. we have a very weak on shore breeze in areas like oakland, fairfield a north easterly breeze so a dry one coming into your neighborhood and knapp pal reporting a south westerly breeze as well. a look at the ridge of high pressure that continues over the state as well as areas like oregon and washington but we continue to track a system that is off the coast of baja, california. you can see move into areas over southern california. eventually it will roll through. may even bring us a few scattered showers. it looks like wednesday into thursday still our best bet but it doesn't look like much.
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i will roll you through the possibility of to systems coming our way. we will pick it up later this evening where the clouds will be back with us. by wednesday morning we wake up with partly cloudy skies. wednesday african we will be in and out of those clouds and that will be our best chance for seeing a few scattered showers. it will be there with us. it could be a little humid as well because temperatures will come down but we will still remain fairly warm. we are into friday afternoon. here's another system. this one dropping out of the northwest and this one by saturday morning looks like it will move ashore but again fizzling out as it does. we may see a little bit of drizzle and a few scattered showers and we'll be tracking it for you between now and then afternoon highs for today 91 degrees in nevada. 90 for sausalito. it will be warm out there for most areas. mid to upper 80s expected oakland, san leandro, hayward and into castro valley. low to mid 90s in the forecast. 95 expected for livermore today. and into the south bay more of the same.
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95 for morgan hill and 98 expected in gilroy. 88 senator mccain. and we are looking at 70s and 80s along the coastline inside san francisco and the extended forecast. sot temperatures coming down feeling muggy, a few sprinkles wednesday into thursday. we are dry thursday afternoon into friday and friday another chance at getting a few scattered showers but finally temperatures will be a lot more comfortable as we get into the bay area weekend. >> so if we can make it through today. >> we'll start to see a change. >> a welcome change. thank you. coming up a new study on how dangerous bacteria might grow in caramel apples and big changes coming to playboy magazine.
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taking a look at the opening bell from this morning at the new york stock exchange. stocks traded in a fairly narrow range. the dow jones appears to be losing just .25 percent down just about 40 points or so. big changes coming to playboy magazine. the magazine will no longer have photos of nude women. the magazine has included nude photos since 1953. the companies website stopped showing nude photos back in august. it will still feature a play mate of the month but they will be wearing a little bit of clothing. the playboy magazine changes will start next march. facebook is testing out a
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feature to let users do shopping. facebook says it's also upgrading its mobile tissuing when people click on an ad they will be able to flip through a variety of product instead of just one. a listeria outbreak in caramel apples was likely due to the wooden dipping sticks. as from a california farm were recalled after a hysteria outbreak that was linked to caramel apples. the washington post reports a study at the university of wisconsin found piercing the apple with a stick helped allow bacteria to grow. especially if the apples are not rerage rated. now ground breaking technology that can spot breast cancer years earlier. it's 3d mommography. today on the 4 our claudine wong shows us how it works and explains why it is so rare. that story coming up on the 4 right her on fox 2. thank you so much for making ktvu your
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choice for news. always here for you with hope you follow us on twitter and facebook. try to stay cool today because tomorrow comes some weather relief.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: charlie sheen had an enjoyable liquid weekend that ended by being placed in a headlock and taken out of a bar. >> [beep] mike: in normal charlie sheen fashion, he drank at the bar for four or five hours. harvey: that's not good times. charlie c.: he's having a great time. harvey: can you not feel the way he feels sunday morning? charlie c.: i feel it currently. [laughter] van: it looks like serena williams and drake, not a thing. drake was out at the nice guy last night with a mystery woman but she's mystery woman no more. i know who this woman is. harvey: somebody with a big butt on social media so basically he knows. van: boom, real house. katie: justin bieber out at the nice guy over the weekend, left


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